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Our advertisements & opting out


We strive to present you with advertisements in which you will be interested. One way we do this is by identifying words or phrases in web pages you are viewing and highlighting them with double-underlining. Hover over a double-underlined word and you will see a small advertisement that relates to the underlined word. If you’re interested in the advertisement, simply click on the ad to be directed to the advertiser’s web page. When you move your pointer away from the underlined word, the ad disappears.

Other advertisements may also appear when you are online generally and will be identified as Savings Bull advertisements.

Opt Out

To disable in-text, interstitial and floating banner advertisements from Savings Bull, please click on the link below this paragraph and then refresh your web page. If you delete or refresh your cookies, such advertisements from Savings Bull will be re-activated automatically. If you would like to permanently remove all advertisements, please uninstall Savings Bull or go here for instructions on how to uninstall Savings Bull.

Please disable in-text, interstitial and floating banner ads.

Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Uninstall

Savings Bull technology made it possible for you to see the advertisement that brought you to this page. For more information on Savings Bull, click one of these links for the Privacy Policy, License Agreement, Terms, or instructions on how to completely Uninstall.

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